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About The Competition

The UKIEPC is the UK & Ireland Subregional Contest for NWERC (the Northwestern Europe European Regional Contest), of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). UKIEPC is a practice competition, held annually (starting in 2013) to help universities pick teams to travel to NWERC. The contest does not automatically determine which teams may progress to NWERC, but universities may pitch their teams against other universities around UK and Ireland, to help decide who should be sent. NWERC typically accepts up to 2 teams from each university.

The event itself is organised in a distributed manner. It is physically hosted at several universities around the UK and Ireland. The same problemset is used at all sites. The scores are gathered electronically, and the results can be viewed against other local teams, and teams across the UK and Ireland.

The contest is suitable for programmers of almost all skill levels, from beginner to expert, as the problem set always has both very easy and very difficult problems with separate score boards for the UK & Ireland. Previous year's problem sets and solutions are available on the UKIEPC site.

All the UKIEPC locations belong to the Northwestern European region in the ICPC system. The Northwestern Europe Programming Contest (NWERC) is usually held in the middle of November.


Mastercard will be sponsoring our site this year, and have provided some amazing prizes!

We will be handing out loaded credit cards to each of our first, second and third place team members, which you can use to celebrate your victory or buy the next piece of tech you have been looking for.

1st Place: €150 cards

2nd Place: €100 cards

3rd Place: €50 cards

Register Your Team

First off, take a quick read of the competition rules to ensure you are eligible.

Registration is handled by the ICPC through this link. The official instructions are provided on the UKIEPC official site. Remember to select DCU as your site!

Please make sure you fill out ALL the required information before the deadline, which is currently .

Keep an eye on all the socials for more information about the event!

Official UKIEPC Twitter

Redbrick's Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will we be able to use Internet?

A. No, official ACM rules will apply.

Q. Should we bring our own laptops?

A. No, the competition will use the School of Computing Desktop computers.

Q. Can I bring my keyboard and mouse?

A. Yes, as long as they do not provide any storage or networking connectivity!

Q. Where will the contest take place?

A. School of Computing, DCU, Lab L1.01 (Directions for DCU)

Q. Will food be provided?

A. Yes, courtesy of Redbrick and our sponsor

Q. Can we bring any other printed material with us?

A. Yes, anything printed is OK. Anything digital is not.

Q. What software is going to be provided?

A. OpenSUSE 42.3, gcc 4.8, Oracle Java 1.8, Python 2.7/3.6, Eclipse, Codeblocks, Geany, Emacs, Vim.

Q. Our team missed the registration deadline!

A. We're afraid we're at full capacity this year. There will be no open slots on the day for teams that missed the deadline. Hopefully you can make it next year!

Q. I have another question!?

A. Send an email to this address and a member of the Redbrick networking society will get back to you